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4 Ways to Make Your Website Fire

Your website communicates for you and your business even while you're asleep.

A good website can help you earn a passive income all while building credibility for your business. If you haven't figured it out by now, you and your business are one. When you attend an event, your business is also present. Online, your business is available for consumption 24/7/365 (or 366 if it's a leap year). This is important because potential customers and clients may desire more information about your business before patronizing your service or purchasing your product.

Choose your color scheme

Having a consistent color scheme across your website will help to make it more cohesive and easier on the eyes. You can accomplish this by choosing complementary colors to the colors in your business's logo. Another option is to choose monochromatic or complementary colors that are unrelated to the colors in your logo. Your website host probably uses hex numbers to distinguish colors from one another. Make a list of your preferred hex numbers and use them across your website. As long as the color choices are consistent, your website should pop without distracting those who visit.

Add a favicon of your logo

Have you ever wondered what the tiny little icon on the tab is called? It's a "favicon." If your website doesn't have a favicon, you should add one and SOON! A favicon is a small detail but it also makes your website more credible. Rather than a gray outline of the world, add a favicon to your website and you'll see your logo represented in more places than one.

Feature interesting photos

Crisp photos serve to brighten your website and draw the eyes of your visitors to that section's content. Photos can also elicit emotional responses from your potential customers and clients. Photos of little people oftentimes make adults smile. If your business is focused on professional learning for educators, consider mixing pictures of little people with pictures of adults learning or working together. If your business is focused on technology, feature photos of computers and cell phones on your website. Whatever your focus, using stock and personally-taken photos can add an extra flare to your website.

Determine your fonts

The letters on your website matter. Like your color schemes, your fonts should be consistent across your website. This will keep your potential customers and clients engaged for longer periods of time. If your fonts are all over the place, the time spent on your website may be decreased. Using bold and italicized fonts is acceptable and should be used to emphasize important information.



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